• Headquarters Somma Lombardo E-mail / Telephone  (+39) 0331259100
  • Headquarters Torino E-mail / Telephone (+39) 0112730986
  • PEC
  • Business name Ergg S.p.a
  • VAT number 01988680128
  • Tax code 01988680128
  • Legal head office and headquarters Somma Lombardo (VA), via Giuseppe Mazzini 44 zip code 21019
  • Branch Torino (TO), Strada di Settimo 113/L Cap 10156
  • Business register VA – 222136
  • Fully paid-up share capital 1.500.000,00 €

Your partner for innovation

The power of ideas.
Great ideas unite people to work together towards remarkable goals; a shared endeavour is the key to success and the epitome of a powerful driving force: team spirit.

ERGG can also trace its roots and development back to an idea:
to become the go-to firm for the entire machining industry;
be a trusted partner with the expertise to provide a high-quality, comprehensive range of tools, machine tools and measuring tools and instrumentation.

Backed by years of experience in the industry, these were the premises that provided the foundation and genesis in 1991 for a new, modern and flexible company that could monitor, analyse, evaluate and often set the most demanding market standards.

An ambitious organisation that became efficient with the redefinition and ongoing training of human resources.
A company that carefully and meticulously selects the best products to sell.
Over the years, our strict policy has generated solid ties with customers and suppliers and made ERGG one of the most experienced and dependable companies.
We have earned the trust of the most prominent companies which is the best proof that we are on the right path.

We sell tools and machine tools
Equipment and start-ups
Sales engineering services
Technical machining support
Metalworking fluids
An ISO 9001:2015 certified company
Vending machines


The company only relies on the best brands on the market, offering high-quality products only. These are the brands sold by the company.


The real power of BBGroup
We are a young team with immense technical expertise, incredible drive and market-orientated experts which all adds up to a group of people with unlimited potential. The atmosphere is informal yet promotes internal professional growth so the men and women at BBGroup are guaranteed a calm yet dynamic place to work. Ongoing training and synergy ensure that our customers are guaranteed a long-lasting, successful relationship with the people at BBGroup.

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